My Doodle Babies


When I lived on the west coast I spotted a couple walking two golden doodles. At that time I was unaware of the breed. It was love at first sight!  I knew then that a golden doodle would be my next dog.


After doing my due diligence in searching for a puppy, I found and settled on 'mydoodlebabies' in the Ozarks of Missouri as my breeder of choice.  In my mind there was no contest as I loved their whole approach and attitude to breeding these beautiful dogs. The happy, healthy and open family environment in which the puppies are brought up is paramount for their socialization and long term prosperity. Diane and her family are sincere, caring, honest and love their dogs and puppies unconditionally! 


I have easily recommended to my friends and acquaintances.  Everywhere I go people stop me to talk about Cassidy, my doodlebaby, as she stands out in a crowd and is a constant catalyst for conversation.  It was an easy process to choose my puppy and I picked her up at the airport a few weeks later.  I love her dearly and she reciprocates on a daily basis!  She is beautiful, loving, friendly and continues to be a loyal and wonderful companion.


A happy goldendoodle mom,

Ann-Marie Carroll

Cape Coral, Florida (used with permission)


All the way, our beautiful golden doodle Lucy (age 6 now from Diane Prewitt's home to us at Christmas 2010) has the personality of an angel!  So sweet and loving and smart as a whip!!  She is a crowd stopper everywhere she goes! and she brings our family so much joy and love everyday. Mary Giorgi FL

My Doodle came from My Doodle Babies too!! This is the second Doodle from Diane I have had and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her dogs. My dogs are pet therapy dogs and my new pup here, Jax is in training now. This is the best place, in my opinion to get a great dog!!! Holly Shumate, LA