My Doodle Babies


 My Doodle Babies

 "Chance" is the pseudonym God uses when He doesn't want to sign His name.  Antole France 

 I am a retired school counselor & love breeding "doodles" as a  hobby.  I only have 3 dogs I breed now. They are the best pets, very low to no shedding & have the best dispositions. They love other animals & are "people pleasers". Goldendoodles are considered to be the 4th smartest dog breed in the world, so make great service dogs. We do NOT have a kennel.  Our puppies are born in our home & very much-loved.   I am sorry, but we don't sell to kennels or pet stores. 

Christmas Puppies - no, but close!  Lexi's puppies will be ready to go home about Jan. 19th & Mia's Jan 28th.  They will be 3 & 4 wks old on Christmas. Some people have given their child a picture of the puppy with a stuffed toy dog for Christmas with a note that Santa just can't fit puppies in his sleigh (they jump out), so your puppy will have to be picked up in Jan.  This works great for people who travel over the holiday or have a lot of company, that is stressful for a new puppy.  I will be sending out weekly pictures and 1 or 2 video's also.  

  Meet the parents (below).  CALL now to reserve one at (417) 652-3773 or email me at  Go to Goldendoodle Puppy page to see pictures - link above.

Max on left has Champion Bloodline & has "Excellent" OFA certification. Lexi is also OFA certified which is a good indication their puppies will NOT have hip dysplasia problems. 


Lexi (above) and Mia (on left) will have puppies with Chewy in Nov, ready to go Jan 19th & 28th. 

Both are F1 Goldendoodles so the puppies are F1b.  Curlier & more hypoallergenic. Great for people with allergies.   Both Lexi & Mia are OFA Hip certified also.  


Gracie will have F1 puppies in Feb or March 2018 

Gracie with her babies.

Our puppies are very socialized with people, dogs and kids.

Chewy (Chewbacca) is our new stud dog. He is the smartest, sweetest dog. Very well behaved. Beautiful red AKC Poodle

 "Hybrid Vigor".   When 2 purebred dogs are bred the puppies will generally be healthier, smarter & larger than the parents.

Good books to read:   author: Stanley Coren.  "How Dogs Think".  The Intelligence of Dogs How to speak Dog.

What comes with your puppy?  If your puppy is shipped by air, you will keep the crate. Included is a puppy packet, small bag of food, leash, & collar.  I also send a little blanket with mom's scent on it.  The paperwork: 2 year guarantee, shot record, UABR registration papers, health certificate & 3 generation pedigree. 

Your puppy will have had dew claws removed, been wormed 3 times & have had these immunizations: 1 kennel cough, 2 five-way shots (parvo, distemper, adenoviris, parainfluenza etc) & prevention treatments for fleas, ear mites & Giardia & Coccidia.

  Shipping:     $350.00 on American Airlines.  Ground shipping is $200 but not available everywhere. 


 Neutering available for males:   $100.


To reserve a puppy, please notify us by phone or e-mail.  Puppies will be selected and reserved in the order that deposits are received.                    

If you want first choice on a future litter, I will hold your check until the puppies are 1 wk old. At that time you will say, "YES, I want one of these, or No, I will pass on this litter". I will then return your check to you or hold it until the following litter.  So, first check gets first choice etc.  When the puppies are three weeks old, people will choose their puppy in the order that deposits were received. You can be on my waiting list without putting a deposit down but you won't be on the list for 1st, 2nd 3rd etc choice. 

Price: Males & females $1100.

Payments: I can take credit cards  by phone, or paypal (I can send you an invoice or just make a payment to or a personal check (if it has time to clear) - or cash!