My Doodle Babies


Larry & Diane Prewitt in the Ozarks


Diane with grandchildren and goldendoodles.

 I am a retired school counselor & love breeding "doodles" as a  hobby.  I only have 3 dogs I breed. They are the best pets, very low to no shedding & have the best dispositions. They love other animals & are "people pleasers".  We do NOT have a kennel.  Our puppies are born in our home & very much-loved.   I am sorry, but we don't sell to kennels or pet stores.

"Chance" is the pseudonym God uses when He doesn't want to sign His name.  Antole France 




























                  Our next litter's will be born in Aug, & Sept, ready to go in Oct & Nov 2015.




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                                Males are $950, females $1000

             Lexi will have F1b puppies in Aug. Miki F1's due in Sept.            

          Meet my momma~dogs, pets that are bred occasionally - NOT a kennel~ NO little cages!!


        ~ Bella, goldendoodle  ~    Miki, red golden   ~  Lexi, goldendoodle ~ Max red AKC Poodle

                         Deposits to reserve a puppy are $300.  Priced $950 males & $1000 females.  

                         Plus $300 shipping (if needed) ~ either ground or on American Airlines  

I can take credit cards, paypal or checks (if it has time to clear) - or cash!                                           

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 Wow, according to this article,  Goldendoodles are the # 1 hottest dog breed.   Puggles #2, Labradoodles are #3.    So, you're on the right track!                                                            

You may ask yourself, "What do Doodle-Dogs do?"  (see below)

 go Duck Hunting (Hummer) F1     Jet~skiing (Ozark)F1 labradoodle  Murphy Rowe Trick o Treating  Thor eating his obedience class homework. F1 Join the military (Chloe) F1

Go Boating F1  Hitch a ride (Winston) Play football (Prima) F1 Be a model (Hazel) F1


Be a WINNER!  F1 Play cards (Reeses)       Double as a pillow  Watch TV (Yankee)
Winston   Ellie
Be a Musketeer at Mardi Gras Exercise FOR YOU!  (no one will know) Go shopping  Become an executive.
Go camping, Thor, F1 King of Krewe De Paws Reading the paper, Cali, another therapy dog.  F1b Play Dress - up ~ Lulu & friend
Star in Little Mermaid Production   Four-Wheeling with Leo Mattie the Service Dog  Hidin in a hammock - Sugar F1



  Golden retriever  +  Poodle =   Goldendoodles


For additional information on My Doodle Babies website or general puppy information.
Please send an e-mail:


Or call 417 652-3773 or cell 417 235-4532 

  or Mail to : Diane Prewitt

 13219 Farm Road 1040

Exeter, MO 65647

Please call us:  (417) 652-3773  (preferred)

cell phone sometimes out of range in this area: : 417 235-4532

      I use Holistic Health Extension dog food, original chicken & rice formula.  Every bite of Health Extension includes:  Fish oil, Primrose oil, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Colostrum, Blue green algae, Prebiotics, Probioitcs. 

We will send a little extra so you can mix it with your preferred brand.  Also have a can of pumpkin.  Give your puppy a heaping tablespoon in the morning and evening.  They like it and it will help firm their stool.  It is very common to see a loose stool for a few days due to the stress of a new environment, diet, water, flight.... Sometimes you may even see a little blood in the stool.  You can also give them a 1/4 tsp. of Equate anti-diarrhea medicine, similar to Imodium for about 3 days. Or you can buy Albon from your vet. If you have chlorinated water, you may want to give your puppy bottled water until they get use to the new taste and smell.  They have been drinking well water. 

      Note:  Even though a few of the new owners tell me that their puppies only get to be 45 lb, a few of my puppies have gotten to be over 80 lb. If they get the height from the standard poodle and the stocky build of a lab or golden, they get BIG.  Their parents are only 45 to 60 lb.  Lucy & Muffy's puppies are smaller than Bella's.  No guarantees on size.............. 

There is something called "Hybrid Vigor".   When 2 purebred dogs are bred the puppies will generally be healthier, smarter & larger than the parents.

Good books to read:   author: Stanley Coren.  "How Dogs Think".  The Intelligence of Dogs How to speak Dog.

What comes with your puppy?  If your puppy is shipped, you will keep the crate. Included is a puppy packet, small bag of food, leash, & collar.  I also send a piece of a blanket with mom's scent on it.  The paperwork: 2 year guarantee, shot record, UABR registration papers & pedigree.

Your puppy will have been wormed 3 times & have had these immunizations: 1 kennel cough, 2 five-way shots (parvo, distemper, adenoviris, parainfluenza etc) & prevention treatments for fleas, ear mites & Giardia & Coccidia.

 To purchase a puppy, click on the "Buy Now" button above & follow the directions.  Or, go to paypal & use my email address to make the payment: I can also take credit cards.